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[The Backstop strides to the podium, his "Nixon-mask-on-stick" in hand]:

Been seeing a lot of Nixon/Bush analogies lately. What is happening now (revolt of the generals, moderate republicans distancing themselves from Bush and the perceived intensification of MSM criticism) will turn up some nasty truths, and may result in some heads rolling, but these "investigations" will never get to the core of the true crimes of this administration. For example:

  • Watergate - investigation carefully avoided the fact that Hunt led the operation to get damning pictures of him and other "hobos" taken at Dealy Plaza in 1963.
  • Iran-Contra - investigation carefully skirted the main crime of the CIA's practice of drug-running to finance covert operations.
  • Iraq War - investigations will never truly reveal the 9/11 story and the anthrax attack conspiracy, and the use of these events to justify the invasion.

Oh well, at least things are getting more interesting...

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