[The Lovely Man pops some video up on the jumbotron backdropping the podium, shock and awe in full, glorious effect]

NEQQ: If only they'd have slipped into *their* stream of outtakes with the dildo one of the lame Burt Reynolds Smokey & The Bandit outtakes, I'd have had time to finish.

POPE FU: This raises an interesting point: I have rarely, if ever, seen THE COCK referred to as a "dildo." As much as I respect your intentions, Lovely Man, I think you're off the mark here. You have attempted to appeal to our COCK Love, but there is a significant disconnect between our iconography and the rhetoric of this video. "Giant rubber penis" does not always mean "dildo." I'm ready for a debate on this.

LOVELY MAN: You'll get no debate here. I was not attempting to suggest a connection to exploits-past. Rather, I was sharing an amusing video. I like any video involving women being forthright about their sexual needs.

However, if you are eager for me to invoke COCK-imagery, swing by tonight, trainwhistle. Rowrl!

[The Pope rewatches the video on his Blackberry...twice]

POPE FU: Upon further review, many of those dildoes have ballsacs. I'm willing to let you go on that technicality.

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