It should be plainly obvious to all by now that the most intelligent people on TV are either comedians, sex-objects or ignored. The socially awkward morons, on the other hand, are re-elected president.

So, this is the American populous. Welcome. However, a good marketeer seeks to understand his market not to judge his market. Therefore, we should write and publish 10-30 different accounts of the future in the year 2020. Vague Biblical references that can translate loosely to a name or a nation or a weapon or a date.

Then, in the year 2020, we will ride the most accurate book into idiot-TV fame. "It's remarkable, how can something with a 2005 copyright know so much about now, in the year 2020?" One of us will have to pose as author - great liberties can be taken there, of course. TV spots at first and then our own show. Maybe a webcast-only thing - only real time, no archives, so people can't try to verify shit too easily. We will heal the American lonely. Books and other publications, merchandise, speaking engagements, lunch with the president, and all the Siegfried and Roy a little homo can want.

If you can't beat religion, join it.

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