Why didn't I think of this when I was a kid?


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Sharon, PA

Tonight I left a bar on Sharpsville Ave. and as I left, I stood and stared at the old Westinghouse Electric plant that looms like a massive gravestone across the street for blocks and blocks. I remembered when I was a kid and there were three red lights that have since been taken down because there is no traffic to control anymore. When I was a kid, there were thousands of guys clogging the sidewalks at a shift change, spilling out into the neighborhood. The place has a ton of history; the transformers that run Hoover dam were built there, thousands of torpedoes that got shot up the asses of the Nazis were built there by my grandmother, grandfather and my great-aunt, and before it was Westinghouse, it was Savage Arms, where rifles were made, and before that, it was Driggs-Seabury where fire trucks were made...going back 100 years, when my illiterate mick ancestors lived in the hood and worked there.

In contrast, the place fucking killed everybody in the neighborhood. It's loaded with PCBs and mercury, and they (being the EPA) are dredging the river right now to remove sediment that has been polluting the water supply here for over 60 years. All the old dudes from my neighborhood die young from cancer and heart disease, and the kids are fucking morons - side effects from genetic mutations I'm sure.

But the fact remains that despite the pollution, the place that once gave life in a sick non-dogmental way now is a monument to death in a symbolic way. We are going downhill fast brothers, and even if you live in an area that isn't shitty like it is here, it is going to catch up to you fast.

I read the Declaration of independence the other day - not just the first couple sentences like most of the Cliff note readin’ motherfuckers read, but the whole thing. Read the whole thing; read the charges against King George and see how they apply today to our bullshit representatives. It's amazing how our patriots were so prophetic 200+ years before us. Last week, Pennsylvania’s beloved Senator Arlen Specter sent a public letter to Dubya. For those of you who don't know – Sen. Specter is the chairman of the senate judicial committee, and has almost the last word on who gets appointed to the Supreme Court. In his statement, he said - more or less - that even though he’s a Republican, he’s nobody's bitch, and if new justices are going to be appointed they are going to be mainstream!

Sen. Specter has been bludgeoned on conservative talk radio for the past few weeks as being a "traitor to the GOP party." Excuse me, but when did having some common sense mean that you fucked your party?

I propose a toast to Arlen Specter. He's one of the only Republicans to win this election in a blue state, and now I understand why - because he isn't a total fucking idiot and he symbolizes the little pieces of the America I love. Arlen, I'd toss a crate of tea into the harbor with you anytime dude!

WE CAN BE SAVED! Express your commitment to being represented by your congressmen – they are put there by you to do what you want. Don't ever let them forget it. Make it clear that if they don't comply that they are fucking out! It starts low, with us, and it works!

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[From his hovel deep in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, The Other Z stumbles to his computer in the wee hours of the morning, his soul weighed down by an inner rage, long unchecked]

You're a bunch of homo cock-sucking bullshit apathetic little bull-shi posing cretins. You all talk a good anti-Bush game, but what the fuck are you doing about it? The mongoloids are sooooooooo better at inciting publi opinion than you....that you should hide your fucking heads in shame youi fucking worthless, eunich losers. Fuck You!!!!!!!!!!!! I fducking hate you!!! if Kerry loses this election, each and every one of you pricks should be held personally responsibl e.............you fuckers, don't ever speak you r mind unless you earn it with blood you poser fucks. I'll kill you all........ I hatde all of you pussys

[The Other Z sat staring at the monitor long and hard, contemplating whether to add a period after the concluding "pussys" or leave the sentiment open-ended… Realizing the freezone that is The Hall of the Most Most Worthies, The Other Z deemed punctuation a prop of the man… no period, no mercy]

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