So I've read the indictment and I'm watching Fitzgerald's press conference and I've got mixed emotions. I'm satisfied with his explanations - especially about the subpoenas to Cooper and Miller.

While Libby's being prosecuted for lying, his very lies are preventing himself and others from being prosecuted for further crimes. If the truth comes out about this case, will there be a precedent to prosecute additional crimes? Thirty years is a long time. I wonder if he'll really take the fall for this or will he sing?

I don't think Bush or Cheney will handle direct questions about this very well. We've got to hold these people accountable. You can bet the wagons will be circled even tighter now, but they've definitely got some explaining to do to the public.

I hate the media's dicklessness. They just don't get it. Their responsibility to report news takes a back seat to the Republican agenda that they're too corrupt or too dickless to stand up against. It should be the conscience of the middle, not a forum for extremists. To that end they should be reminding everyone that there's a system of checks and balances in this country. They should be holding the President's administration accountable for the sake of the people of this country. Well, not here in George Bush's America...

BTW, how apropos was it for Bush to say "I've got a job to do" before getting on a helicopter for Camp David.

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[The Finn strides to the podium, PowerBook presentation in hand]

"Worthies, it's time for a testing. Gather round and notate the following - animal, vegetable, or Bush crony."

[Finishing with five correct, TeZ, declares from the floor]

"I'll see your pop quiz, Finn, and raise you in the silly captivation department!"

[Rubberneck sighs]

"Imagine - TeZ captivated by the image of a female form slamming into balls of various size. Hmmm..."

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I bring to you an infectious hate groove as an offering for all my fellow haters.  May Golddigger's remix hook grab you like an angry flounder.



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Vacation Was Great, Man!


Why the fuck can't a media outlet report things fairly and very biased towards a reasonable morality and common sense?

It really irks me that the media is touting that Bush is "Returning to Washington because of the Hurricane". Hey, this guy is cutting a 35 day vacation short by two fucking days. Let's not start rallying around his selfless return without stating that fact in a headline. These headlines sound dangerously close to propaganda.

How people who have to work for a living every day can still support this bullshit is beyond me. These must be the same idiots who believe you can win a war on terrorism. You can't beat an "ism". It's an idea, not a physically fallible item. Is anyone planning on bringing this up?

This is why I'm afraid to leave my house. I'm concerned I'm going to run into someone, anyone, who whose sensibilities are in line with the MSM. This country's underpinnings have gone to shit.

Welcome to Rome.

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It's tragedy.

(Oh, Thundah, you've gone and perverted the BeeGees for a flaccid expression of lilting, abhorrent rage. Just throw another dollar in the therapy jar won't you?)

Why have I not heard one Democrat taking the lead on thumping every aspect of this administration in the press? Absolutely no one is making an effort to change the way media reports every story with a one-sided slant couched in language favorable to the bad guys. If you went bankrupt and were sued by your credit card company, it would be reported in most outlets as,"Suspicious Deadbeat Won't Repay Charitable Enterprise".

It's time for at least one media outlet to abandon their gossamer ideals and start slanting stories in favor of the good guys for once. These idiots have Fox at their disposal. What do you have? Blogs written by impotent, disillusioned workaday schmucks?

Even if it isn't true, why aren't they letting the world know that "We have defeated this insane idea of privatizing Social Security! We are looking out for your best interests. We will also defeat this insane conciliatory legal trending that will allow pharmacists to discriminate on who they give birth control to! We are standing up for your rights as Americans. You are under attack from hypocritical zealots. There are those in this country that will try to foist their beliefs upon you, but we will not let that happen!".

I'd be jumping up and down like a monkey with it's ass on fire, personally attacking any legislator who made an attempt to downplay their responsibilities or role in this apathy. They have a guy nicknamed, "The Hammer". When is the last time someone from the other side had anything remotely fearsome? Slick Willy? Woe is me.

Unfortunately, they're dickless and have shitty management.

What a fucking vacuum of leadership. Just sickening. I hate them for failing.

It's times like this I pray there's a super secret liberal militia holed up somewhere willing to do what it takes to start changing the tide by any means necessary. 

I'd start a hate mail offensive against the Dems if I weren't so afraid they'd kill me. Who am I kidding? They couldn't fight their way out of an open field.

I'm holding out for a hero, too Bonnie. It just hurts. I wonder if Ted is renting out that shack...

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After three weeks of a balanced diet and exercise, yours truly weighed in at 226 this morning. That's down from a bloated 240.

In a way, and this is so unbelievably ironic to me, W winning this election has been the best thing to happen to me. I say that because I went into such withdrawl that I couldn't and didn't watch TV, read the news, listen to radio, or even to indulge in bad eating (lack of appetite). I lost all sense of direction, and consequently, lost all impact of the self inflicted pressures that eat at us day after day like "I need to get a better job", or "I really need to talk to my family more", etc.. Diving into that funk killed off enough bad habits and influences that it's empowered me to make some very small, but fundamental shifts in lifestyle. It's been so liberating. I've developed a real taste for the "here and now". I'm sure this feeling may fade, but just to experience it for a moment is enough to make me want to take the small steps necessary to get back to that level of consciousness.

I'm actually glad I slid through my 20's without being conscious of how I feel or look because I now have a real appreciation for the hard work it takes to maintain that as you get older. Looking and feeling good is something that doesn't come cheaply anymore. Does this mean I'm maturing? Maybe the concept of values was something that was lost on me until I came face to face with my own failings.

If I sound like I'm turning into a sanctimonious prick, I probably am. But I think you have to cut people some slack when they realize they need to make changes in their lives. If they don't demonize some aspect of their behaviour or routine, they'd never change. Let 'em preach because it's the only thing keeping them from sliding backwards.

On that note, I've liberated myself from most of commercial radio and TV because of Sirius, Netflix, iPod, and a soon to be TiVO. Now, when I listen to the radio or watch TV, I feel like I'm being assaulted by advertisers. It's very uncomfortable.

I've been noticing that the four most heavily advertised products on TV are:

New Cars - Nearly every commercial break there's at least one commercial for new cars. You feel guilty after a while for not buying one. How's that for conditioning?

Prescription Drugs - How many people can't wait to get rid of herpes or get an erection, or rid themselves of joint pain so they can truly enjoy the company of loved ones while riding bikes through a setting of seashores and natural forests. I'm dubbing it the Neo-Brueghelian setting. Fuck, most of that joint pain can be eliminated by drinking water and getting off your fat ass every once in a while.

Weight Loss Systems - Jenny Craig, Cortislim, Stacker 2, Trimspa, Weight Watchers, Nordic Tracks, Bowflex, Bally Total Fitness, etc. Hey, you're fat and there's a nation of good looking people out there that you're not a part of!

Fast Food - The Colonel's new bucket of fat, bada da da daaaa, I'm loving it, Wendy's open late, the new overstuffed Taco Bell repackage of the same 5 ingredients in Mexican food.

Jesus, it's no wonder we all have self esteem problems. These people are all telling you there's something wrong with you and if you buy their shit, it'll make you feel better. Can you imagine what we'd be capable of if more of us eliminated our exposure to this barrage of disempowering messages? Just not watching or listening to this stuff would make an immeasurable impact on your outlook.

Well, I'm going to head into this weekend hoping I'll get snowbound with two very sexy women and enough champagne, food and football to make it through to Monday. I won't get my hopes up because even if you follow the rules of whoremongering, the first of which is "Get them drunk", capitalizing on that is dependent on the second rule,"Have a hot tub nearby". Sadly, this is where my dreams fall apart. My ethics prevents me from engaging in whoremongering brinksmanship. You know what I'm talking about here. That's got a dark side I'm not willing to follow. Yes, I'm referring to the ol' "Slip 'em a ruffie" gambit. That's just wrong.

Ciao y'all. Go make some positive changes in your life.

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